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Wild Starr YOUTH ART Programs 

Wild Starr Creative Studio offers the comprehensive Youth Art Program for young people ages 7 through 14 years. All levels are welcome; our goal is to provide young artists with opportunities that build self-esteem through art and friendship. Each session allows your child to explore a vast array of art varieties to find something that will spark their creativity and imagination. 

art workshop

You Don't Have to be an artist to be creative​

Weekly and After School Art

Wild Starr provides after school art camps and weekend workshops offering a variety of projects that will include a variety of hands on activities including; mosaic making, canvas painting, pour painting. resin art, tile painting, water coloring, clay sculpture, Macramé, wood burning, plus much more; the workshops project will be outlined on the registration form.

Pre-registration is required to attend, all supplies and snacks are included in the cost of the workshop registration.

Wild Starr Youth Art Workshops are held in our Creative Studio at the corner of 6th and E in Anchorage, AK.

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