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Welcome to Wild Starr Creations an Alaskan-based company that believes in offering unique hand-crafted signature pieces that are all things bright and colorful! Linda and Angel a mother and daughter partnership who has combined their interests and creative passions in featuring pieces full good vibes with the hope of bringing joy and inspiration, right into your homes and hearts.

One of our favorite pastimes has always been visiting markets, antique and thrift stores finding amazing treasures and inspiration for projects. We have combined our love for marketing, creativity and now partake in our favorite pastime offering hand-crafted unique designs at many Alaskan local markets.

The family moved to Alaska in 1998 and settled in Fairbanks and have been based in Anchorage since 2015.

Angel is married to Colton; they have two dogs Luna (German Shepard) and Tank (Australian Shepard). Angel works with high-risk youth, played competitive soccer as a youth attending the Arctic Winter Games and Far West Regional Tournaments. Fun fact after graduation she became an outstanding soccer referee and officiated for the event’s she had previously competed in.

Linda’s pride and joy are her three wonderful children Alishia, Angel and Keegan along with her grandchildren. Linda just finished twenty-four (24) plus years in executive leadership roles in nonprofit organizations. Linda has been in the soccer world as an administrator on the local and state levels for multiple years and is a fanatic soccer fan! Fun Fact she is a Certified Alaska Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent.


Wild Starr Creations is a creative studio, home and gift store offering a unique experience with a focus on local and thoughtfully selected goods.

The creative studio with a hands-on approach to inspiring everyone to embrace their inner artist. The venue provides weekly workshops, community artists events, private events, ladies night out events, wine Wednesday events and local makers pop up events.

Come find a collection of bespoke treasures for your home or a gift for someone special at Wild Starr Creations!

Shop our selection from small takeaway items, house and home goods, kitchen and bar essentials, pantry favorites, plants and pots, apparel, locally and Alaskan crafted finds. You can also find our coffee and wine stainless steel tumblers plus an array of stickers and shirt apparel that we design and make in house.

Feeling creative? Grab one of our themed Make & Take Kits, which can be done onsite, brought home, or mailed directly from the Wild Starr store to a loved one.

We hope you find our little hub to be a welcoming place to visit, relax, create, and connect with friends.



We believe that small businesses can make a big impact in the local community and beyond. Learn about how we're doing our part.


At Wild Starr Creations, we know that businesses only exists if we the community support them. As a retail business, we buy products from other small businesses, and we prioritize spending with and supporting local businesses. We work with small, independent, local designers and women owned businesses.

We will donate 5% of net income to a cause we believe in, rotating on a quarterly basis. We will continue to promote and support local causes, nonprofits and youth organizations with fundraising and program needs.


Wild Starr Creations Creative Studio strives for Inspiration. Creativity. Community. Creativity is within every one of us. Our studio space is a safe and supportive environment allowing for expression of our uniqueness through acts of personal creativity. Find inspiration, explore new possibilities, discover new friendships, and create amazing pieces of art.

We are actively working to mitigate the impact of being in the retail industry. Whenever possible we order recycled and otherwise environmentally friendly shipping and packaging materials. Ask us for details @


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