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Wild Starr Mini Art Camps

Wild Starr Creative Studio Mini Camps offer a space where children can unleash their creativity, learn new skills and explore the beauty of art. Join us this summer for our three day camps of artistic experimentation where campers ages 7 through 14 will engage in a wide range of skill-building and creative outlets. Each week we will have a variety of mixed mediums allowing for campers to attend one and several depending on interest and availability. Typically campers will do two projects per day, with a snack & break in between. 

paint class
craft project
art class
art workshop

You Don't Have to be an artist to be creative​

Mini Art Camp Weeks

June 26-28

1 to 4 pm

July 5-7

1 to 4 pm

July 19-21

1 to 4 pm

Aug 1 - 3

1 to 4 pm

Saturday Art Camp 

Projects will include a variety of hands on activities including; Mosaic Making, Canvas Painting, Pour Painting. Resin Art, Tile Painting, Tie Dye Projects, Succulent Terrarium Design, and Make Your Own (imagine it & create it). Weekly camp projects are outlined on the registration form.

August 12

10 am to 1 pm

Wild Starr Mini Art Camps are held in our Creative Studio at the corner of 6th and E in Anchorage, AK.


Canvas Acrylic Painting- With a paintbrush in hand, your child will explore creative self-expression while learning acrylic painting techniques with step by step instructions by Wild Starr Guest Art Instructor. Each week will have different subjects to paint.

Mosaic Making and Wood Burning- Your child will create their own design pieces. including selecting and/or cutting pieces of glass, and grouting for the Mosaic Project. Wood Burning project will involve using a wood burning pen and acrylic paint. Projects will have step by step instructions with a Wild Starr Instructor.

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