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Our goal is to keep it simple, keep it fresh And keep it local. 

We specialize in Jams, Pepper Jellies, Apple Butter and Zucchini Relish. Also new to our business is Lemmon shakers. It’s fresh made lemonade and you can add one our jams to flavor. We also run a food trailer “We be Jammin”  out of Fairbanks, Alaska. 

CALL TODAY: (907) 347-6184

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Jams Jellies and Things.jpeg

Rosy Tulip DESIGNS

Rosy Tulip Designs, named in honor of my mom, has been a dream of mine for a long time. I have always loved crafting and making things, but never had the courage to open a shop and share my creations with the world.

I have been making random jewelry, hair accessories, T-shirts, diaper cakes and all kinds of crafts for years, but I stumbled across polymer clay earrings on Instagram when a good friend shared a sale someone was having and I fell in love. I immediately bought a few pairs and after researching and watching countless videos, I decided to try making them myself.

I worked in restaurants for almost 20 years and the only accessories that weren't restricted were earrings, so I wore fun and unique earrings to express myself. I make earrings and accessories with that in mind and I love that with polymer clay, the possibilities are endless.


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I am a Colombian fashion designer. I love to make jewelry out of natural seeds. I use my business to help women who have been victims of Violence in Colombia by teaching them that they can change their lives if they learn a special art.

The jewelry is made out of a seed called tagua, a special seed that is found in South America on the forest floor. The seeds are dried and processed using traditional techniques to turn them into unique beads. They are then dyed using either vegetable or non-toxic and lead-free dyes. No two beads are ever the same due to the natural patterns.

I am passionate about helping the women of Colombia and that often means traveling to remote parts of the country, trying new foods, and experiencing new things. I put on my backpack, filled with seeds and dreams, and I head out into the field to work with some amazing women. These ladies have changed my life! I offer them a piece of myself as I teach them how to make jewelry and about protecting the forests that we gather the seeds from.

I am so excited to offer these amazing, handmade pieces of jewelry!


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Fox Sauce


Sitting around the campfire in the Arizona desert celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and listening to the tales of the past and stories of the ‘good ol’ days’ my Grandfather, George Fox said to me “Young lady, in the morning I have something to tell you that’s going to change your life”. What he told me the following morning has since changed my life – he gave me his coveted original recipe for his BBQ sauce and his blessing to go forward with it and make it into our family business.


From his very original recipe, we have also created two different steps down in spice level and one step spicier than his original recipe. The Fox Sauce line currently has four different flavors that are sure to please the BBQ enthusiasts to even the pickiest of eaters in your family!


It has been a wild and crazy, successful ride so far that we are very much enjoying. We are so excited to see where Fox Sauce will take us in 2023 and beyond!


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Estuary Arts: Amanda Faith Art


Sensitive colors, harmonious design, wonder about wild life and land, and quiet moments in the northern light and land describe my artwork. I have experienced painting as a way of seeing deeper into the precious gift of life we each have as I observe the living creatures and environments around me.

I grew up observing and sketching the sunsets over Anchorage from my mountain side home. At Hillsdale College in Michigan, I took one design class and was immediately found a language my heart knew but had yet to learn the technical skills to express. I have ever since been creating, teaching and taking classes between Alaska, Europe and Miami. My work now focuses on the every changing beauty and wild places of Turnagain Arm near Anchorage, Alaska. My two children are a continual encouragement and source of creative inspiration, and they are my greatest works of art.

I currently teach private workshops and classes on design and art, paint on commission, and show at various galleries and fairs. Contact me to schedule a commission or workshop. I am certified teacher and enjoying sharing my love of art and design to help others find more joy in the world around them.


Amanda Faith Art.jpeg
Amanda Faith Art .jpeg

Bird Ninja Art


Shayla Sackinger is best known for drawing chickens in situations you would not expect to see in real life. Chickens are one of the most misunderstood animals, and Shayla shows people how interesting chickens can be through her art.


Her work is heavily influenced by the nature and pop culture around her, which often results in interesting crossovers. In the age of digital art, Shayla’s main medium is traditional ink and watercolor, but is also capable in a variety of other mediums. In recent years her work has moved towards birds and Alaskan scenery done in watercolor.


Her work has been featured in many exhibitions and conventions around Fairbanks as well as in books, articles, and other publications. She is currently working as a graphic designer at Uaf eCampus and taking classes to improve in watercolor.


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Soul Expressions


I'm Shannon Auld. I have lived in Alaska for seven years and have been painting since 2010. My style is called abstract realism which is taking something real life and adding your own uniqueness to it. I add bright color and paint splatter to something real, making it abstract.


The abstract part of my art represents emotion. I believe that painting can help heal and express parts of yourself as well as being an outlet. I mostly use acrylics in my work, as they are easy to work with and seem brighter. My name "Soul Expressions" derived from art being able to reach the soul.

I am a wife, mother, and artist with two young children. We enjoy time outside, painting together, and spending time with family. I graduated with a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming and taught for a few years before I had my children. When I have time aside from taking care of my kids, I am always getting ideas for my next painting. It's exciting creating new pieces and I'm always looking for my next inspiration.


Sould Expressions.jpeg
Soul Expressions.jpeg

Hungry Bear Jellies


Born and raised in Alaska, I graduated high school with two years of culinary training and two state culinary medals. After a long and winding career path, I found my passion inventing the unique bold flavors that Hungry Bear Jellies is known for!

Hungry Bear Jellies was founded in 2018 while picking wild berries across Alaska with my little brother. Culinary curiosity took hold with my first flavor, Blueberry Jalapeño, and since then I've put my passion to work delivering delicious jams and jellies to Alaskans and fans all across the lower 48.


Hungry Bear Jellies.jpeg
Hungry Bear Jellies 1.jpeg

Doggy Decadents


Doggy Decadents was formed in the summer of 2007 by Chelsey Homan. While working at a local pet store in Eagle River, Alaska, Chelsey began baking treats for her newly acquired rescue, Skipper, a schipperke/husky mix. Chelsey decided to begin selling her Alaska made doggy creations to local stores and at weekend markets.


Today Doggy Decadents is owned and operated by Stacy George and her husband, Louie, who purchased the company in 2015. Stacy and Louie’s passion and love for animals is evident in the healthy and natural treats they create for canines. Their family includes 2 mini horses, chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs.


They have dedicated their lives to giving animals the love and care they deserve. Stacy and Louie have four pampered and spoiled dogs, Tilly, Maya, Amara and Tris, who get to be the lucky dogs (no pun intended) to try the treats out first!


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Bear Spray Hot Sauce


Bear Spray Hot Sauce began in Glennallen Alaska. Owner: Terry Holmes would experiment with hot sauce frequently. The “other” hot sauce just didn’t cut it, so he set out to make his own. As family and friends began to taste this bear spray awesome sauce, the demand for it grew quickly. Bear Spray Hot Sauce was born.

Bear Spray Hot Sauce, for when you want your food to bite you back!


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Manifest Native Creations


I am the owner, creator/maker and designer of all craft items. I specialize in Lanyards, Native Shields, Jewelry and tote bags. I use buffalo bone and horn beads, moose, deer, elk hide, suede, dyed salmon skins and fabric with American Indian or Alaskan themes. I also make delicious Rhubarb Jellies. 

Like me on Facebook!  "Manifest Native Creations" 


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